Onsite Guardian's Site Management Interface is a feature rich web interface that can be used for camera viewing, management and image archiving.  This easy to use interface allows users to configure preset camera locations and setup custom camera tour time intervals.  High resolution images are saved and archived to our servers from each tour and can be reviewed at anytime.  A robust slideshow interface will create true time lapse shows based on user selected time, date and preset location.  Google Earth integration displays the latest satellite imagery of the exact location of the camera.  Six different Nexrad weather images can be overlayed directly onto Google Earth imagery.  Real time weather data is displayed and archived from NOAA or on-board IP weather station.  Users are given a Site Notes section that is used to collaborate and post notes regarding site progress.  Image Uploader section allows users to upload pictures taken from digital cameras or cell phones to the User Submitted image archive. 

Site View is the answer to all your site supervision needs.

  • Archive HD Imagery of your jobsites
  • Mounted or mobile camera solutions 
  • Custom time intervals for site tours
  • Up to 128 Pan / Tilt presets
  • Slideshow interface
  • Live and archived weather data & NEXRAD Imagery
  • Future weather forecast for the deployed locations
  • Google Earth integration (GPS)
  • Upload images via your smartphone
  • Add comments and site notes
  • Live HD camera stream
  • Branding available upon request
  • Siteview is web based. Log in from any PC

The image viewer displays high resolution images of the site. Below is a thumbnail strip of previous images. Using the Date and Time boxes you can browse the image archive to an exact date and hour. This module will also print, save or email the images that are displayed as well as create detailed slideshows of the images. Up to 20 preset locations can be programmed in to the camera system. The camera is then configured to make a complete tour of the site visiting all presets in sequence. High resolution images are transferred to the archive server at each preset.

Site View includes Google Earth integration. This feature provides full control of the latest satellite imagery from the location of the project. Real time NexRad weather radar overlays can be activiated by simply selecting one of the six different images offered. NexRad images are also archived and correspond to the current image being viewed providing a snapshot of the weather at the time the picture was taken.

A live video stream from the camera is available to authorized users. Full pan and tilt controls are provided. Site View is by far the most robust, easy to use site managment software available.