Onsite Guardian IP port surveillance solutions enable port authorities to:

  • Manage maritime traffic
  • Identify causes of delays
  • Manage maritime risk
  • Optimize utilization of resources
  • Visualize both "wet" & "dry" sides
  • Improve port / container security
  • Prevent theft of goods
  • Protect cruise ships
  • Identify threats
  • Identify vehicle license plates 
  • View remotely on your computer, tablet or mobile device from anywhere - extremely portable surveillance!
  • Inspect cargo & monitor loading / unloading

The importance of high security for maritime ports can not & should not be undervalued. 80% of world trade is transported by sea. Protecting port operations is one of the most critical challenges faced by the United States' Homeland Security Department. An integral part of port security is video surveillance. Maritime ports demand the latest in security camera technology in order to maintain an appropriately high level of visual security.

Scalable access can be provided to the entire port community, including port managers, ship owners, agents, piolets, towage services, accounting departments,security, emergency services, etc.

Designed to improve port service provision, efficiency and profitability while reducing risk.

Onsite Guardian IP maritime security surveillance solutions enable vessels to:

  • Avoid collisions
  • Receive Incoming vessel notifications
  • Communicate through the camera
  • Manage different areas of the ship
  • Receive temperature / fire notifications
  • Reduce risk / liability

These can provide early collision warnings from approaching vessels and timely notification of real threats. Our systems send automatic warnings for vessels threatening the platform or entering restricted areas, and can detect small craft, which could be used for boarding a platform, as well as higher-level threats.