3.1 Megapixel IP Camera System The EP camera represents the latest camera generation by MOBOTIX. It features an array of lens options as well as color or black and white image sensor options. This unit has the computing power to display and record 30 MEGA frames per second, yet it comes with an incredibly low price tag.

The camera module can be rotated in the rated enclosure allowing numerous conduit entry configurations. The camera is fully explosion proof, records real-time video and can send alarm messages to the recipient using its IP telephony features. To supply power, simply attach the camera to a standard POE switch or use the cost-efficient MOBOTIX power supply to inject power into the network cabling. The camera variant of the camera has one B/W camera module with IR-sensitive lens.

Digital zoom, digital panning, video motion detection, event-controlled frame rates and freely selectable image sections reduce the storage requirements of the EP camera to a minimum. The camera software features integrated alarm management including pre- and post-alarm images, FTP, e-mail, external ring buffer storage on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers as well as playback and Multi-View functions for up to 30 cameras in the browser. The camera does not require additional heating, even under extreme conditions. 

• Single image sensor (one lens), color or IR-sensitive B/W
• Bi-directional IP & ISDN telephony
• Definable exposure zones
• Integrated video motion detection
• Night Vision with up to 1 sec. exp. time
• Digital zoom and panning – No moving parts
• Video recording and playback
• Software DVR for Windows /Linux/OS X
• Internal storage up to 32GB
• Alarm management with pre- & post alarm images

Camera System 3.1 Megapixels

• Fully digital color CMOS image sensor with 2048x1536 pixels and backlight correction
• Optional B/W CMOS image sensor

• 22 mm 90 degree view standard lens: 5-element glass lens1:2.0, 90° horizontal. Other lens configurations are available

Automatic Exposure Without Iris

• Auto exposure times from 0.1 msec. to 1 sec.
• Configurable min./max. shutter speeds
• Freely definable exposure windows
• Purely software-based control with exposure windows, white balance, automatic contrast, sharpness, filters, and backlight correction
• MOBOTIX True Color software Image Formats and Frame

Image Formats and Frame Rates

• Color image 2048x1536,1280x960 768x576, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120; high image quality thanks to optimized MOBOTIX software scaling
• Free image formats with zoom and panning (e.g. 1000x200 for skyline format)
• Image formats: JPEG, Motion JPEG, MxPEG, BMP
• MxPEG frame rate (CIF 320x240): 30 fps
• MxPEG frame rate (VGA 640x480): 30 fps
• MxPEG frame rate (Mega 1280x960): 30 fps
• MxPEG frame rate (3 Meg 2048x1536): 20fps
• Image size (320x240 JPEG): 6 to 20 KB
• Scheduled obscuring of image areas
• Internal image storage (up to 32GB)
• Event and time-controlled image storage
• Adj. number of pre- and post-alarm images

• Browser playback with event search features

Recording Included

• Integrated ring buffer recording by the camera on Windows or Linux file servers
• Event-controlled Snap Shot image recording with pre- and post-alarm images
• Event-controlled MxPEG recording video and with 2.4 Mbps at 640x480 pixels

• Event-controlled frame rate (0.2 to 30 F/s)

Video Management Included

• Ring buffer with up to 1 million alarms on the PC/server (no software installation or FTP!!!)
• Adjustable ring buffer size and delete time
• Image management with time/date search
• Definable Multi-View for up to 30 cameras
• Freely definable function buttons
• MxCC Windows client with Layout Editor included by download from manufacturer

Event/Alarm Control Included

• Freely definable time functions/repeats
• Signal input using Cam-IO box
• Temperature, illumination, unlimited event manager
• Motion detection in definable video motion fields
• TCP/IP messages on IP ports

Alarm Signaling Included

• Signal output and event control available
• E-Mail and FTP via network
• TCP/IP messages on IP ports
• Phone call (list & PIN test), with voice message

Audio SIP Telephony (Optional)

• Integration of microphone and speaker required for these features.
• IP telephony (SIP); mobile network via gateway
• Voice-over-IP to/from Windows PC
• Custom voice messages easily recorded
• DHCP-assigned IP address on speaker
• Touchtone remote control using phone keys
• Real-time audio recording (MxPEG)
• No software installation required
• Live images and admin using web browser
• Complete video management software and recording integrated in camera software
• 4 simultaneous browser operating modes: HTML/JavaScript with M-JPEG, streaming (Java), ActiveX (MxPEG), PDA-optimized pages
• PDA interface with HTML-only pages (Pocket PC compatible)
• Website image update via FTP
• Several cameras in one browser window
• Freely definable user groups and access rights

Power Supply 3 Watts

• Power injection into network cabling using standard PoE equipment or Mx power supply
• 3W consumption, no heating required

• Optional 6-12V power backup connection

Explosion Proof Enclosure

• Rated for Class 1 Division 1, Group B, C, & D; Class II Group E, F, & G
• WARNING: To prevent ignition of hazardous atmosphere, conduit must have a sealing fitting connected within 18 inches of
enclosure per code
• 2 - 3/4" threaded knock out available 180 degrees on enclosure sides. Can be rotated
to any position by rotating camera in enclosure
• Cast Aluminum construction
• Camera & Explosion Proof enclosure total weight 6 lb.

• Dimension: 5.5“ x 5.5“ x 6“ L, W, H

• Hardware resolution:
One 2048x1536 Color or 1280 x 960 B/W CMOS. Color standard
• Free software format with zoom/pan
• Frame/data rates for MxPEG video
streaming (50% JPEG):
30 F/s CI (320x240) 1,2 Mbps
30 F/s VGA (640x480) 2,4 Mbps
30 F/s Mega (1280x960) 2,5 Mbps
20 F/s 3 Mega (2048x1536) 2,5 Mbps
• Color lens sensitivity (L22, 2.0)
1 Lux at 1/60 sec., 0.05 Lux at 1 sec.
• B/W lens sensitivity (L22/2.0)
0.1 Lux at 1/60 sec., 0.005 Lux at 1 sec.
• Temperature: -24° ... +140°F


Two Eyes. 100,000 Reasons.

MOBOTIX dual lens, day/night camera with two separate HiRes image sensors is successfully in use in over 100,000 installations worldwide. Brilliant color for the day and extremely light-sensitive black/white sensor for the night. The intelligent and robust professional solution from MOBOTIX with no moving parts!

MOBOTIX HiRes video replaces up to 6 cameras …


One camera, two lenses. Seeing more is just not possible.

D15D DualDome original image: Tele lens (left) and wide angle lens (right) – at the same time in one image


Allround Easy. Allround Secure.

An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360° allround view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q24 can be used in all new scenarios.

Image Correction
Digital Zoom/Pan

Powerful performance in complete video solutions ...