Why Choose Onsite Guardian?

You could spend your money with any security company - but we believe working with Onsite Guardian will ultimately give you smarter protection. Here are five good reasons why:

  1. We're consultants, not salespeople. There's nothing more frustrating than having a company come back to you with a proposal that disregards your security requirements or budget parameters. You won't get that from Onsite Guardian. Our consultative approach focuses first on your property and your security concerns. Only then do we propose a complete solution that's most appropriate for your requirements and your budget.

  2. We are true security and surveillance system integrators. An investment in a surveillance system should never be an off-the-shelf, one-brand-fits-all transaction. At Onsite Guardian, we believe that only a customized, fully integrated solution can consistently do the job you expect. That's why we design systems with a variety of components that work together seamlessly to achieve your goals.

  3. We embrace and seek out new technology. There's no need to wait for the latest security and surveillance advancements until your security company "catches up" with what's new. Onsite Guardian is consistently there at the leading edge, and our solutions incorporate the latest and best technologies, regardless of manufacturer.

  4. We offer details that matter. There's no "dropping the ball" around here. Onsite Guardian proudly features:
    • Highly qualified, certified service technicians
    • Full-spectrum services, from consultation and design to installation and training
    • Complete line of security and surveillance technologies
    • Louisiana State Fire Marshal license and certification
    • Up to 5 year product warranties
    • State contract pricing
    • Products available on GSA Schedule
    • Service, maintenance and monitoring agreements

  5. We're local. Onsite Guardian is a Louisiana-owned and operated company with strong ties to our community. That's something not all of our competitors can say.

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