Onsite Guardian can help you maintain absolute control over your construction site. We offer construction camera units that are 100% mobile and self sufficient.

We give you the ability to cover a jobsite with no existing infrastructure (connectivity, power, etc.).  Our mobile surveillance trailers are rugged and can be placed anywhere.

You can also use Onsite Guardian's Site Management software Site View to remotely supervise multiple job sites at one time.

When your site is ready for a permanent solution, give us a call. Our experts will come out and evaluate your surveillance security needs. We will then present you with numerous options customized to your specific requests. After we complete your installation, you will be given the option of us maintaining the system and providing you with Live Monitoring.

Onsite Guardian will be with you from Start to Finish. You will only need to call one company. This allows us to develop a relationship with you to understand how you operate, and what your needs are.

Call us today for a FREE site evaluation! 1-866-373-1999