Your business represents your livelihood - and protecting commercial assets is critically important to both your employees and your bottom line. The Onsite Guardian team finds time and again that every business has unique security and surveillance needs, a formula that typically involves the physical space, desired level of protection and cost to install and maintain.

Our consultative approach takes these factors into consideration and delivers a recommendation that satisfies both your budget and your security requirements. Take a closer look at the technologies we can integrate to form a powerful, affordable, easy-to-use commercial security solution.

  • Deterrence: Helps cut down shop lifting as well as employee theft.
  • Savings: Our systems are a fraction of the cost of Security Guards, and they don't sleep. They can also lower your insurance cost!
  • Employee well being: Can improve employee safety and monitor / improve employee productivity.
  • Image Quality: With IP HiRes 3 megapixel cameras with digital PTZ nothing can hide.
  • Mobility: Access all of your camerasvia your iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.
  • Audio: With 2 way audio you can hear and speak through on board speakers.
  • Monitoring: We can also offer you live monitoring for your cameras which can save you thousands in security payroll.

Some of the options we offer:

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