Thermal IP Cameras


Based on the proven design of the M15 system platform, this network camera provides an entirely new range of applications. Combined with the elaborate array of camera sensors (PIR sensor, microphone, etc.) and the analytic capabilities of the camera software (MxActivitySensor, video motion detection, event logic, etc.), it is now possible to detect and alert the presence of heat in total darkness.

The different display options of the thermal image sensor add to the existing possibilities for analyzing and using the generated images.

In addition, the modular design of the M15 platform provides even more flexibility. The secondary image sensor can be either a color or black and white image module providing excellent full image clarity in conjunction with the thermal image.


With the S15D, up to two 5-megapixel sensor modules are each connected to a concealable camera housing via two-meter long cables. Thanks to its separation of camera housing and sensor modules, the S15D offers a broad range of installation and application scenarios.

  • Weatherproof dual installation camera
  • One or Two separately connected, discreet miniature sensor modules
  • Image Sensor and microphone integrated directly into the sensor module
  • Integrated DVR functionality. Up to 128gb onboard storage.
  • Intelligent movement sensors (MxActivity Sensor)