The Light Vision System - A Brilliant Surveillance Choice

It takes more than a good camera to make a quality surveillance system. In today's world, it takes mobility, versatility, and ease of use. A brilliant surveillance system is one that can be deployed virtually anywhere, at any time, with little effort or struggle.

Yeah, and it needs quality video as well.

One surveillance system encompasses all of that. One system is so versatile, rugged, and easy to operate that it's virtually the only surveillance system your facility needs ... the Light Vision System by Onsite Guardian.

What is the Light Vision System?

The Light Vision surveillance system is revered for its mobility and easy deployment. One person can easily deploy the system to any standard light tower in less time than it takes to boil an egg. The Light Vision is purposely designed with one power source (that connects to the light tower), making it far more mobile than any other system on the market.

While its mobility and ease of use is enough to win over audiences throughout the country, the Light Vision System is also heralded for its wireless capabilities. Every component of the system can be managed and monitored through wireless connections, remotely, meaning your facility can maintain 24-hour surveillance easily, and at a far lesser cost than hiring full-time overnight personnel.

Light Vision plays nice with most systems

Onsite Guardian has always been known for its customized solutions, and Light Vision is no different. Light Vision units can be built with custom components to match any existing application or video management system, making it easy for you to integrate your new light tower surveillance system without fear of connection issues. And as with most Onsite Guardian systems, Light Vision Systems are built to withstand any type of environment, including extreme heat, cold, rough terrain and more.

Who needs a Light Vision System?

These days, surveillance systems are a necessity for most facilities and public spaces. Even just the appearance of a light tower system is enough to scare away a good deal of would-be trespassers. But for those who still insist on compromising your boundaries, the Light Vision System is equipped with state-of-the-art video and monitoring software that will catch unwanted activity, alert any monitoring personnel you may have, and provide law enforcement with the type of evidence that can lead to an arrest.

The Light Vision's adaptability makes it a great system for just about any potential installation. However, because of its rugged design and ability to withstand all environments, it's quite popular with:

  • Power plants
  • Construction sites
  • Maritime ports
  • Parking lots

Light towers can go anywhere ... and so can Light Vision

If you ever stopped to notice, light towers are everywhere. They're in residential parking lots. They're at malls, public parks, office complexes and more. Towers consume very little space, because they take advantage of their vertical reach. The Light Vision uses that to its advantage. Integrating perfectly with any light tower, the Light Vision System will provide your facility or space with unparalleled surveillance, without the need for equipment that consumes space and is vulnerable to attacks.

Stay safe with Onsite

The Light Vision System is a popular part of the Onsite surveillance family. Like all of our systems, Light Vision features state of the art camera quality (a megapixel resolution of 1600 x 1200 for capturing small details and identifying subjects), 4x digital zoom, quad streaming MPEG3/JPEG video and more. The system is protected by a vandal proof lockable cover system that also protects the equipment from the elements.