Security For Your Employees and Site Locations with The Gatekeeper

It's possible that even just a few short decades ago only a select few types of businesses required state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems. Banks, government facilities and maritime ports were always vulnerable to security breaches. These days, however, most businesses, facilities, and spaces, could benefit from the type of security and theft-deterrence offered by The Gatekeeper by Onsite Guardian.

When it comes time to determining the type of security and surveillance system you'll use for your facility, certain factors come to mind, including:

  • Maintaining the integrity and security of your building(s)
  • Maintaining the security of your employees

While many security and surveillance systems do well to protect your structures, not many on the market these days are versatile enough to protect your employees as well. The Gatekeeper is different.

How the Gatekeeper by Onsite Guardian protects your employees

The Gatekeeper is a wall or pole-mounted system that can be configured with a variety of encoder/camera combinations. Gatekeeper features the highly reveredMobotix MegaPixel Camera, and can handle up to four cameras per enclosure. This type of setup allows your system to have eyes around all corners of your grounds or campus, from the vulnerable entrance leading to your interior, to the exposed parking lot, all with one system.

Equipped with a visible strobe light, the Gatekeeper serves as much as a light guardian, surveillance system, and recorder as it does a theft deterrent. Trespassers are more likely to move onto a new location if they see visible and live signs of a surveillance system (like a an active strobe light, vs. a simple sign claiming the existence of a system).

Even during power disruptions, Gatekeeper protects

One of the most glaringly obvious vulnerabilities of any security system is its power source. Far too many systems on the market rely solely on AC power. But what happens when that power fails? The Gatekeeper does require AC power for most configurations; however, it also features battery backup, for if/when the unexpected happens. And, solar panels can be added to certain configurations to provide autonomous runtimes.

Always protected with OSG Site Management

Gatekeeper is compatible with the Onsite Guardian Site Management service, which provides clients with remote monitoring of any and all of their locations at any time. This is ideal for businesses that have "off hours," don't want to incur the costs of on-site security personnel, or who want to complement their security staff with another set of reliable eyes. Our remote monitoring system features live-person video monitoring, ensuring your locations and staff are always protected.

Who is the Gatekeeper ideal for?

The Gatekeeper by Onsite Guardian is one of the most versatile systems on the market. It features LAN, WiFi and Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connectivity, DVR options, and a weatherproof NEMA 4X lockable control cabinet. This makes it an easy fit for nearly any business, particularly:

  • Parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Car dealerships
  • Parks
  • Ports
  • Residential communities

The versatility of the 4-camera setup allows you to have eyes across your landscape, while the quality of the Mobotix provides you the richness and clarity required to capture pertinent information for law enforcement officials, including license plate information, faces, and more. With a feed that can be monitored 24/7, onsite or offsite, the Gatekeeper can handle even the largest of security tasks, such as an outdoor public concert.

Most businesses and facility managers understand how important it is to keep their locations and personnel safe from any posing harm. With the Gatekeeper from Onsite Guardian, you're always protected.