Remote Video Applications – Bring Your Own Camera - Anywhere

When you think about remote video applications the first thing that probably comes to mind are the billions in assets and materials spread across Louisiana that go unmonitored for at least a portion of each day that are susceptible to theft or misappropriation.

At particular risk are infrastructure projects like road construction and port improvements where the "jobsite" is temporary and actually moves as the project progresses. These "raw environments" that typically do not have access to regular electrical power or connectivity can benefit from a level of deterrence and security that self-contained remote video surveillance can provide.

BYOC (bring your own camera)

When you look around a construction site, ask yourself where all of the material and equipment came from. Copper cables, cement, lumber, construction equipment and all the rest started their journey to the work site from secure warehouses and storage lots. The vendors who sold or own those items understand their desirability and the value of taking security seriously at their own facilities. But when these items hit the jobsite they are typically left unprotected.

Surveillance video technology has made significant advances in the past three or four years and that includes the technology for remote video applications. Today most surveillance cameras are IP based providing vastly expanded control and response options over old closed circuit systems. Access to the images, control of the cameras, choices of alarms and notifications can now all be controlled remotely in a browser.

What this means is when a camera detects motion of interest on a site in the middle of nowhere, those images can be instantly forwarded to a monitoring system, emailed to a project manager, or sent directly to a response force. In essence, remote surveillance video cameras can perform the same task in "raw environments" that cameras in fixed facilities do.

And here's how:

Remote Video for Temporary Jobsites

At Onsite Guardian we don't believe in one size fits all or out-of-the-box solutions. We are a consulting firm not a sales organization. Each situation needs to be evaluated and based on that evaluation we recommend solutions that meet the client's objective both in terms of desired level of security and budget.

But to introduce you to the capabilities that remote surveillance systems have we will highlight the "Rover" a self-contained unit we've deployed to construction sites and port development projects.

The Rover is essentially a towable video camera tower that can be placed anywhere that has access to WiFi or cellular connectivity which means pretty much everywhere in Louisiana. The features include:

  • A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera mounted atop the boom equipped with the breakthrough motion detection software MXActivitySenor and IR
  • Remote viewing, management and playback via your browser
  • High Performance AGM Maintenance free batteries
  • Two High Output solar panels
  • Onboard AC charger
  • Sturdy, secured storage cabinet
  • Rugged trailer frame with torsion tow bar and full sized tires

Essentially this unit can be towed to a jobsite, leveled using the attached stabilization legs, turned on and then managed from a browser. Management can include operational hours, alerts and alarms, selection of image view and more. It's quick and easy to set up and just as easy to relocate as the project progresses.

If you have a project that can benefit from remote surveillance give us a call at 866-373-1999 and we'll be happy to share our ideas with you.