Remote Site Monitoring - Have An Onsite Virtual Security Guard - Always

More and more companies and facilities are moving toward remote site monitoring for their security surveillance system, but why? In a world that's quickly turning into a 24-hour cycle, it's important for your facility to have 24-hour protection. Video cameras work to capture trespassers after the fact, but the only way to actively protect your assets is to monitor these video feeds, all hours of the day.

Many facilities have an on-staff security team that monitors these feeds and protects your buildings and campus from unwanted guests. However, not every facility wants or can afford this type of additional staff, nor do many facilities employ on-site security teams during "off hours."

But off hours are often the most vulnerable hours for your security. How, then, can you protect your facility without incurring the hefty costs of a 24-hour on-site security team?

Remote job site monitoring protects you at all hours, for less costs

The reason why remote monitoring security has become so popular in recent years is two fold:

  • The costs of off-site remote monitoring is far less devastating than the costs of an on-site security team
  • The technology that's been established in recent years makes remote monitoring not only viable, but on the cutting edge of surveillance technology

But there are other benefits to remote monitoring that facilities and companies are quick to realize, including a less of a need for investments to your infrastructure; remote monitoring firms like Onsite Guardian can integrate their services into your existing environment; and by employing a remote monitoring service, your company has experienced and certified professionals monitoring your site, from within a secure center.

Remote monitoring by Onsite Guardian

Onsite Guardian is a leader in surveillance monitoring and systems. Companies who use Onsite's remote site monitoring service benefit from top-of-the-line equipment, support and monitoring, including:

  • 15 second response time to all alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring available
  • Videos monitored by a live person
  • Event log showing video clips and descriptions of events

Security is one of those costs you have to accept, but that doesn't mean you have to be priced out of your means to receive top-of-the-line security. A virtual security guard provides you the type of constant protection your site deserves, without the astronomical costs that come along with an on-site guard.

Always stay on the cutting edge of security

In the business world, many companies are flocking toward the "cloud," because this allows them to enjoy the benefits of certain applications, while always ensuring they're using the latest advancements within these apps. The same can be said with remote monitoring. Onsite Guardian consistently pushes the boundaries and limits of security and surveillance. As we discover and create new innovations that improve security, we employ these advancements in our remote monitoring services, meaning our clients always receive the latest approaches toward security.

One concern site managers often have about remote monitoring is putting the safety of their facility in the hands of someone else. However, Onsite's state-of-the-art Mobotix cameras, and highly trained security personnel, have the reputation for flawless security monitoring. We work seamlessly with local law enforcement, and your existing security team or system, to ensure that your site is 100% protected, 100% of the time.

How safe is your site?

What security system and practices do you currently have in place? If you don't employ any type of live security during off-hours, your site is vulnerable doing some of the most critical times. Video capturing is a reactive approach to your security. Most facilities, however, prefer to have a proactive approach - thwarting trespassers and vandals before any damage is done. The only way to take this proactive approach is to employ live security personnel to monitor video feeds that capture every corner of your site.

Remote monitoring by Onsite Guardian provides your site this type of live-person monitoring, at affordable rates that allow you to replace on-site security personnel.