Onsite Guardian and Louisiana Port Security

Onsite Guardian recently had the pleasure of presenting at the PAL (Port Association of Louisiana) conference, at which we demonstrated the advancements and capabilities featured in our latest security camera technologies. As a leader and innovator in the surveillance industry, we at Onsite were compelled to share our expertise with PAL, an association founded in 1984. PAL is built upon certain goals that we at Onsite feel confident we can contribute positively to, including:

  • Promote the exchange of information and new technologies between ports
  • Improve conditions and efficiency of Louisiana's many ports
  • Foster and encourage economic development in Louisiana

Onsite Guardian is excited to work with other Port Associations in the future, as we help to bring the latest technologies to our nation's ports.

The Nation's Ports Deliver More Than Just Goods to Our Country

Louisiana has more than 30 ports scattered across the state, delivering vital resources including oil, gas and cargo. But our ports deliver more than just goods - they deliver jobs, tax revenue and economic development to our little corner of the world. Ensuring that our ports are run efficiently, and are protected through the use of the latest technologies available, isn't just the mission of PAL. It's the mission of Onsite Guardian as well.

The same can be said for ports throughout the country. Ports help local communities - and the country as a whole - remain economically stable. Ports help put food on the table - in more ways than one. Onsite Guardian is committed to the long-term security of our nation's ports.

Onsite Guardian has established a new standard in surveillance and video monitoring systems. Unlike other security companies, we don't force facilities and organizations into a pre-packaged system. We're consultants, not salespeople. When we work with a client, including any of the number of ports in our state and country, we learn about your security requirements, budget restrictions and more. Because we have access to such a wide variety of security tools and equipment, we can customize your security solutions.

Our security products include:

  • Light Vision - a removable security and surveillance system that can be deployed virtually anywhere
  • The Rover - A mobile, trailer-mounted security system
  • The Gatekeeper - A wall or pole-mounted system that can be configured with various encoder/camera combinations
  • SiteView - Web interface used for camera viewing, management and archiving
  • Mobotix Cameras - We are an Advanced Partner of MOBOTIX, the leader in HiRes Megapixel camera technology
  • And much more

The long-term success and stability of ports in Louisiana and across the country relies heavily on the security measures put into place. Onsite Guardian has the expertise and innovation to create customized solutions for your security needs. Our systems act as deterrents, monitoring devices, and video-capture systems to aid law enforcement officials. We are the all-on-one security solution for some of the nation's most vulnerable, yet vital treasures - our ports.