Oil & Gas Remote Security Camera and Surveillance

Many facilities and site locations require the security of a state-of-the-art surveillance system. However, oil and gas refineries are among the select few sites in the world where the need for constant, and quality, video surveillance is a necessity. Yet video surveillance in a remote location such as an oil and gas refinery can be particularly challenging.

Security teams and managers like the idea of being able to visit the well site - virtually - yet many of these locations are far from the Internet or power. So how can oil and gas sites - hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from the rest of the world - enjoy the security of a state-of-the-art video surveillance system?

Remote and Solar Powered Systems for the Petrochemical Industry - Onsite Guardian

The oil & gas industry has specific and special needs when it comes to its security and surveillance. Dealing with such a highly volatile environment requires equipment that can stand up to the challenge. At Onsite, our line of products are certified to be used where volatile and explosive gases and liquids are present. This means that your security system will remain intact and operational, despite the elements it's placed in.

Innovators in solar powered surveillance

For a decade, Onsite Guardian has been developing and perfecting solar powered surveillance systems, so that our clients, located in the remote areas on the planet, can still benefit from top-notch surveillance. Our solar camera systems are reliable and allow for unmatched versatility and mobility.

However, solar powered isn't your only option. Onsite is also proud to introduce you to the Light Vision System, which is a removable security and surveillance system that can be hooked up to any standard light tower. Light Vision Systems are completely customizable to meet the needs of your specific location.

Surveillance with 4G LTE

One of the added benefits of the modern-day surveillance system is a manager's ability to view the security feed live. This allows you to protect your area in real time, rather than simply react to an event that happened hours earlier. Typically, being able to view a remote camera feed live would be difficult, when your system is installed in a remote location like an oil & gas refinery, where the Internet is not available, or where service is intermittent at best.

However, at Onsite, we anticipated this issue and proactively began to provide clients with 4G LTE connections that help managers and security teams monitor their feeds live. If, however, you already have an existing network, qualified IT techs and field technicians can tie your new surveillance system into that network.

No need to sacrifice your security just because oil and gas refineries are so remote

In a world where everyone is connected, there are still many places that are out of the range of basic inter-connectivity. Often times, oil and gas refineries fall under this category. Yet, these refineries require intense and ongoing security and surveillance, as they are open targets for organized terrorists, who spend years and millions of dollars scheming ways to infiltrate these areas.

At Onsite Guardian, we've committed ourselves to helping bring to the oil and gas industry the level of surveillance and security that many less-remote facilities enjoy. While in years past you may have had to sacrifice some of your security, because of your location, we're helping to make that idea history.