Keeping Our Kids Protected in Schools

Onsite Guardian rises to the needs of better school security systems in the prevention of tragedies

Sadly, it seems like more than just a passing trend that school shootings are too common in today’s society. The senseless and gruesome fatalities of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine, Virginia Tech and others have left a permanent scar on the entire educational sector.

According to statistics found on, there have been 387 shootings since 1992 in 42 states. This includes a variety of school systems, from elementary and junior high to high schools and colleges. The growing epidemic first started in Colorado with Columbine but now there have been so many that the only ones garnering national media attention are those with high numbers of fatalities. Some schools suffer shootings at the hands of students, which is certainly the biggest tragedy of all to think that children are killing other children and teachers.

No matter how anyone feels about it, the growing concern for any parent or educational institution is, "How can we protect our kids and keep them out of harm’s way when they are not with us?” Parents rely on the schools to do this, while schools rely on the parents.

Instead of pointing any fingers, it’s best if we all move toward a solution. Onsite Guardian has been working on just that, and now has a very smart and effective solution to help protect our students and faculty from these senseless tragedies.

As a leader in the surveillance industry, Onsite Guardian merges together the needs of the public with the technologies to handle those needs. Because keeping our students safe is of the utmost priority, they now offer customized surveillance options that can monitor the entire grounds 24/7. Surveillance cameras can be accessed and operated from anywhere, so in the instance of a shooter somehow making it through the front door, the SWAT team is able to physically see in which hallways, classrooms or areas the shooter is moving. This can help to prevent the shooter from further attacks.

"We won’t put a one-size-fits all system in a school,” says Clay Mixon, president of Onsite Guardian. "Instead, we develop customized and specially crafted surveillance programs to suit the needs of that school.”

Surprisingly, these much-needed systems are not a huge budget buster for the schools, but they definitely rise to the occasion. Administrators are able to protect and foresee suspicious activities. So, not only do the security measures help to protect students from shootings, but they also work to eliminate or deter other delinquent behaviors.

Onsite Guardian customized surveillance school surveillance systems help to prevent:

  • Bullying
  • Drugs, tobacco, alcohol consumption and other illegal activities on school grounds
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • School shootings
  • Teacher or faculty neglect/abuse of students

As we mark the beginning of 2014, it is important for all schools and academic facilities to implement increased security measures to keep our children and beloved faculty members safe! Onsite Guardian is ready and able to install the systems for the schools, which is one step closer to serving our families and kids with additional peace of mind.