Innovative Surveillance Technology for Municipalities

Now Municipalities and Government Agencies Can Safely Monitor Construction Site Equipment Overnight

Have you ever driven by a construction site or vehicle storage center only to marvel at how many thousands of dollars’ worth of vehicles and equipment items sit there unprotected? These machinery items have long been prey to vandalism and theft, partly because municipalities have no way to protect these machines or tools due to lack of storage and the inconvenience of having to transport them every day to a protected location.

Onsite Guardian now offers solutions for municipalities to safeguard these valuables, and it doesn’t involve having to install a ten-foot barbed wire fence. Any municipality that must store vehicles, construction equipment, tools and other job requirements either outsources with a security company to hire a live security guard, or they just leave them unattended and hope they will return the next day to find everything still intact.

construction equipment theftUnfortunately in today’s world, all of these solutions make the municipality a target for crime hunters who are on the prowl for big ticket items they can easily resell. Often, these types of municipalities lack the staffing or resources to do this, which can make them easy prey. For example, at a water treatment facility or road construction site, these types of critical infrastructures use taxpayer dollars to cover the costs, thereby making it very costly when things get stolen.

New technologies have revolutionized the municipality’s ability to protect their equipment. Onsite Guardian uses high quality and very high end camera technologies – combined with SiteView monitoring services – to enable 24/7 site management coverage. Since SiteView is a web-based resource, the administrators can also log on anytime for live streaming through a rich interface that provides high resolution views of the property at any given time.

Even the most clever thieves are unable to beat this kind of security system, because the system archives the entire job site and makes it available to retrieve. So if a theft or vandalism occurs at, say 5:00 a.m., chances are the perpetrators will be busted either at the time of the crime or shortly thereafter.

Onsite Guardian has a number of mobile options available specifically for these occasions. The security cameras are attached to lights that can be triggered by motion sensors or that stay on all the time, whichever model and setting is preferred by the operator. The result is a fantastic solution for municipalities who simply don’t have the budget or resources to extend on fencing, increased staffing or other security measures.

To learn more about SiteView, take a look at these live video feeds and Google Earth integrations, here.