How Remote Job Site Monitoring Can Prevent Copper Theft

Copper theft is a $1 billion business, and anyone can be victim of it. From electrical power stations, to construction sites, and even homes, there's no question that this theft has hit the level of "epidemic." The reason is that copper is a versatile metal. Its scraps can be used in just about anything, from plumbing to electrical materials, fiber optics and more. Thus, even in slow economic times, the demand for copper barely wavers.

To put it into context, in 2003 copper sold at 80 cents a pound, and although it's dropped since its high of $4 per pound in 2006, the going rate is still at $3 per pound - high enough to tempt any would-be thief.

And it's not just job sites that have copper onsite who are in danger of theft. Vandals will risk trespassing on any site, just for the potential of what they may find. Whether you have copper onsite or not, you're at risk of theft.

So how do you protect your job site from being vandalized?

Clearly the answer is job site monitoring. However, often times we find that job site surveillance systems aren't outfitted to adapt to just about any environment. What happens if your site falls into one of these categories:

  • You're based in a remote location
  • You don't have access to utilities

How can you keep your assets protected when you don't have the infrastructure in place to support a job site monitoring system?

Rugged and Solar - the Rover

The Rover, built by Onsite Guardian, is a rugged and solar mobile security system that can be deployed virtually anywhere. It runs on its own supply of power and can be accessed remotely using WiFi, cellular or satellite connections.

Many job sites are located in rough terrain, making it difficult for even vehicles to travel. But durable surveillance systems like the Rover are designed to handle just about any terrain. Built with torsion axle, full-sized tires, and level jacks on each corner, not only can it go anywhere, but once it sets up shop, its stable and secure.

HiRes Video On a Mobile Job Site Monitoring System

What's the biggest complaint many clients have about monitoring systems (particularly any system that boasts a level of mobility)? The video quality is poor.

Now, these clients aren't asking for a level of video that can be displayed on movie screens. But they do want footage that's usable, particularly if identifying a thief, or a vehicle, becomes part of the process. Rover boasts Mobotix cameras - Mobotix is known globally for its high-resolution images, which means greater detail with every image. Not only does this increase the level of security you have, but it also decreases your need for excessive cameras. One Mobotix camera can do the job of several lower-grade cameras.

Not just for copper theft

While copper theft has received great media attention over the past decade, job site theft as a whole is a growing problem. Low-grade surveillance systems no longer serve as a deterrent for thieves who have become bolder in their acts, and cleverer in their approach. These thieves target sites they know to be too far removed to have quality job site monitoring systems.

Until now.

There's no reason that your site needs to be at risk just because you're in a remote location. Chances are you have hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars of equipment and material at your site. Strategically placing Rover security systems on your site will keep thieves at bay, and will capture every tiny detail of their actions if they do so choose to take a risk.

Learn more about The Rover by Onsite Guardian now.