How Car Dealerships Benefit from Onsite Guardian Surveillance

A simple search online will let you know how prevalent and scarily common it is for car thefts and vandalism to occur on the grounds of a car dealership. But owners of dealerships don't need to look online to realize this - it's a fear they face each and every day. How can they best protect their assets, even when the dealerships are closed down for the night?

One solution is to hire security, but there are several issues with that. First and foremost is the cost - hiring a full-time security guard is extremely expensive. However, there's also the concern that a security guard can't have his eyes affixed to every nook and cranny of your lot, can he?

No, which is why more and more car dealerships are turning toward the Onsite Guardian surveillance system as a way to thwart would-be vandals and thieves.

A thief's playground

It's not just cars that get stolen from dealerships. One of our recent clients, based in Hammond, LA, experienced a string of thefts, including the theft of 30 tires and rims over the course of one night. The loss of these assets are detrimental to any business, which is why this Hammond-based car dealership turned to Onsite Guardian.

Onsite Guardian is an Advanced MOBOTIX partner, and a specialist in innovative IP surveillance and monitoring solutions. What Onsite Guardian provides car dealerships is an all-on-one system that serves as surveillance system and deterrent, as well as an investigative tool if a crime does occur on your premises.

The difference with MOBOTIX & DualDome

What MOBOTIX offers car dealerships is clear images with audio capabilities that help to thwart theft and provide law officials with the type of footage and material they need to catch the offender. The decentralized structure - pioneered by MOBOTIX - reduces your bandwidth requirements as all of the processing occurs within the camera.

One of the most beneficial features of any security surveillance system is the use of motion detectors. However, the MxActivitySensor - which comes with Onsite Guardian's MOBOTIX M24 and D14 Dual Dome megapixel surveillance cameras - takes motion detectors to a whole new level. With this sensor, cameras can distinguish between the movement made by vehicles, people, or objects, as well as the swaying of trees, animals or rain. The goal here is to minimize the number of false positives/false alarms. The MxActivitySensor has proven to reduce false alarms by as much as 90%.

Adding voice to your protection

Even if you capture a thief on tape, your property was still taken or vandalized. Wouldn't it be great to find a way to deter thieves from stepping onto your property? With the integration of the MOBOTIX ExtIO into a car dealership's existing PA system, you can have a voice messaging system triggered based on the sensors that come with your surveillance system. You can customize your messages so that for the first few hours after your dealership closes, your message might state that your dealership is now closed and that the lot is monitored. Then, in the later hours of the evening and morning, you could be a bit more aggressive with your message (who comes to a lot at 1 a.m.?) and present a pre-recorded message that states that the visitors have been detected, authorities have been notified, and the trespassers should leave immediately.

What this does is prevent thieves from even stepping foot onto your property. However, if they do decide to push their luck, you have them recorded on crystal clear video footage that can be used by law officials.

A surveillance system that delivers what it promises

Car dealerships clearly benefit from surveillance systems installed on their property, but why should you choose Onsite Guardian? Onsite stands apart from othercar dealership surveillance systems because not only are our systems flexible in where they can be installed, as well as known for their clear and useful footage, but they help significantly reduce the number of false alarms triggered.

Your goal is to reduce your overhead and increase your return on investment for any type of business transaction you make throughout your business day. With Onsite Guardian, your investment pays for itself nearly immediately.