A School Surveillance System That Pays for Itself - The Sentry

These days, school surveillance systems aren't a commodity, they're a necessity. These systems have proven to not only deter people from acting out illegally or harmfully, but they also capture the footage and data you need in case something unfortunate does happen. Studies show that students and staff feel more comfortable if their campus is equipped with a surveillance system.

Of course when it comes to equipping your campus with an effective school-wide surveillance system, it's easier said than done. One of the biggest concerns you have is the cost. Sure, no cost is too high to protect your students and staff, but being able to trim your overhead as much as possible is always something you're looking to do. Imagine if you could provide your campus a school-wide surveillance system, without having to incur much (if any) cost.

With the Sentry, by Onsite Guardian, you can have a top-of-the-line 24/7 video security surveillance system that not only costs you little to nothing, but also provides you an additional revenue stream.

Earn money while adding security to your campus

A lot goes into the layout and design of a school campus, and aesthetics play a pivotal role in attracting students to your school. The Sentry by Onsite Guardian can be designed and customized to fit the look and feel of your campus, to not only add to the beauty of your school, but to provide you with a new avenue to display banners and messages. But what could you use the Sentry for (aside from your school security, of course)? 

Dress the system up with banners that display your school messages, or sell ad spaces for community businesses or organizations. Even the system itself can be designed to boast your school colors, logos and branding.

Beyond ad revenue, let's get down to security

The notion of getting a surveillance system for your school, for little to no cost, is, of course, attractive. But what good is a surveillance system if it's not effective? The safety of the people who attend, visit, or work at your school is number one in your list of daily concerns. It's often what keeps you up at night. But the Sentry by Onsite Guardian isn't just any 24/7 video security system. It's the most flexible and secure solar camera system that offers high-quality video. The Sentry is wirelessly accessible and connects through LAN, WiFi or Cellular networks. You and your security staff can view your footage remotely, from virtually anywhere. 

With a 360-degree viewing camera (including pan, tilt and zoom), you can set up your Sentry unit anywhere and capture footage from any angle. Featuring an on-board battery backup, you'll never have to worry about your system failing you at an inopportune time. Nor will you have to worry about anyone dismantling or tampering with your security system - the Sentry features a tamper-proof installation with no critical wires exposed, whatsoever.

School security - customized for your advantage

Your campus needs to be secure. That goes without saying. How you choose to secure those who come to your school is up to you. Factoring in costs, reliability, and aesthetics, there isn't one other system on the market that gives you the flexibility and freedom that's offered by the Sentry. Learn more about how the Sentry can keep you and your campus safe, 24/7.