A Never Fail Connection - Onsite Guardian and redPIPE wireless

One of the greatest innovations to have come to the world of surveillance is the innovation of Internet connection. Internet connection allows a facility to monitor their sites remotely. Furthermore, these types of connections have made it possible for even the most remote sites on the planet (think, perhaps, of oil rigs) to be protected by 24-hour surveillance.

But integrating Internet connection into your surveillance system isn't enough to make your facility safe. The reality is, the Internet is vulnerable. Outages happen all the time, and often times for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Whether it be a fluke accident, a technical issue, or the results of Mother Nature, the Internet can't be relied on to be constantly connected.

When it comes to protecting your facility, however, constant connectivity is key. At Onsite Guardian, many of our clients are in charge of extremely sensitive materials and locations. Oil companies, power facilities, ports ... the list is endless. The heightened sensitivity of these areas only serves to increase the likelihood of a potential targeted attack by a terrorist or vandal. These attacks will oftentimes incorporate the dismantling of the site's power source. In this type of event, it's quite possible that a site's surveillance and monitoring system will be deactivated, rendering it useless and allowing the terrorists or vandals to proceed without fear of being caught on tape.

However, with Onsite Guardian, that's never the case.

Why redPIPE makes Onsite Guardian customers safer

Onsite Guardian's surveillance and monitoring systems are designed to remain operational, regardless of whether the primary power source is attacked. However, what stands us apart from other surveillance system providers, is our unique relationship with redPIPE Wireless. redPIPE Wireless is what's known as a "failsafe/backup Internet provider." Their main mission is to ensure the constant connectivity that we strive to provide our clients.

But how do they do this?

redPIPE's backup Internet kicks in instantly, and seamlessly, the moment the primary source of Internet connection breaks down or fails. redPIPE has perfected its technology to the point that the switchover is imperceptible. And while that, alone, might be enough to make our relationship with redPIPE worthwhile, the failover Internet company offers more as well.

redPIPE's backup internet service is 3G/4G/LTE. Why, exactly, is that so important? Because in the event of a hurricane, targeted attack, or fluke accident, "earthly" power sources (for lack of a better term) are vulnerable and likely compromised. Wireless and satellite connections, however, remain intact. Think about it. During a significant storm, two of the first devices that fail are your phone and your cable. Yet how are most Internet connections powered? Through phone and cable lines. And while your cable and phone might be out of service, what is the one device you can count on to still remain operational?

Your cellphone.

Understanding this, redPIPE set out to create a backup Internet solution that ensured that vendors like Onsite Guardian could provide 100% Internet connection, 100% of the time. While this 100% connection is a great feature to have in your family home, for our clients, it's often a matter of life, death, and national security. In determining how best we can keep our clients safe, and their properties under continuous surveillance, we found that there was no better option than redPIPE.